The radical thinking

A new philosophy, which was drafted during the 80th, beginning to materialize with the publication of La encerrona (1993), incomplete Spanish version of Le confinement (1997), is explained in L’Humanité en face de l’impérialisme (1998), points out some of his main theses in Síntesis sistemática de la filosofía africana (2001) and finally develops the doctrine in a work that has precisely the title of La Pensée radicale (2005) (The radical thinking).

Created in an era monopolized by one-dimensional thinking and “flyover thinking” (“pensée de survol”) Radical Thinking has set two main objectives, around which turns his intellectual effort: first, the research and discovery of truths which knowledge would make possible the recovery of the”really free” philosophy and, second, the commitment to a speech that could lead the human being to become aware of himself, to free himself from the domination of foreign agents to his will, his theoretical activity practice and his way-of-being-or-be-in-the-world.

The founder of this new philosophical approach is Eugenio Nkogo.